Our Story - Hella Fit
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Our Story

Hellafit is a fitness sportswear company founded in Melbourne, Aus. A line of clothing built on the inspiration to achieve high results in fitness, health and wellbeing. Whenever you represent our range, you are making a statement to be the best that you can be and take your fitness to the next level. That is Hellafit!


Why the symbol? 


The triskelion represents the brand through the action of moving forward. It represents progress as the symbol itself seems to represent action as it seems that it is in constant motion. It is a symbol of harmonic balance and a conscious employment of passive and active energies for each of us to accomplish great things, whether be it in the gym, at home or in a professional lives. It represents the linear motion of progressing through time improving on our fitness and achieving the goals we never thought we could do and then some.